Gossip in the Workplace

Gossip needn’t be false to be evil—there’s a lot of truth that shouldn’t be passed around. Frank A. Clark Water cooler chats are part and parcel of the modern workplace. But when the talk turns from, “Can you believe what happened on ‘Scandal’ last night?” to “Can you believe what James is up to? What a scandal!” the repercussions can range far and wide. Gossip is a destructive force, whether it’s someone simply passing along a relatively minor unsubstantiated rumor or an orchestrated effort to undermine a co-worker’s reputation. Gossip can be defined as casual or unconstrained conversation or reports...

How Office Conflict Affects a Company’s Bottom Line

A certain amount of conflict is a natural part of interpersonal relationships, and the workplace is no exception. There is no magic bullet to prevent conflict, but it can be minimized with proactive leadership and a healthy business culture. Unfortunately, because it is unavoidable, many people accept it as an “occupational hazard” and neglect to realize just how destructive it can be. The less obvious effects of conflict impact not only the daily atmosphere, but also things such as productivity, communication and job satisfaction. Ultimately, these things all take a toll on the bottom line. Morale and productivity take a...

How Poor Communication Affects Your Business’ Bottom Line

Effective communication is a critical component of leadership across the board for all businesses, and its impact on business can mean big bucks. Poor communication has been estimated to cost large businesses (400 to 100,000 employees) tens of millions of dollars every year. The annual cost to smaller companies is in the hundreds of thousands. Costs of Poor Communication Some of the costs associated with poor communication are tangible: missing deadlines Failure to deliver a product or service Lost productivity High employee turnover Loss of sales Collapse of negotiations or a business deal Poor customer service Other costs may not...

Prep for a Successful 2017

The Past is Prologue… Looking Back at 2016 to Prepare Your Team for Business Success in 2017   It’s a time to celebrate and acknowledge the people and accomplishments of the past. Expressing appreciation to friends, family and in all aspects of your business is like money in the bank…. And,  you want your company ready to move forward from January in order to achieve bigger, better and greater things in the new year, you’ll need to lay a little groundwork as 2016 wraps up.   Start by taking an objective view of the past year’s performance. If you find...

Turning a Negative into a Positive: Learning from Failure and Moving Toward Success

“Failure is not an option.” This iconic quote, attributed to Gene Krantz, flight director of Gemini, Apollo and space shuttle missions and made famous in the movie Apollo 13, resonates with many of us. Who wants to fail? If failure does occur, who is eager to trumpet the news, or dwell on the experience – especially if it pertains to our business or career? This stereotypical attitude about failure, which is to sweep it under the rug and put it behind us as quickly as possible (if we even acknowledge it in the first place), may be a natural human...

The Blue-Green Algae Team: Toxic or Tonic…

Toxic or Tonic – What do you bring? Toxic. It’s a really powerful word. Websters defines it as “Relating to or caused by poison; Very bad, unpleasant, or harmful…” Blue-green algae on the one hand is in the news as a very dangerous, man-made disaster for the environment and our economy. People just smelling it, let alone touching or ingesting it, can become very ill. Tonic is defined by Websters as “Giving a feeling of vigor, or well-being; invigorating…” I always knew blue-green algae as a super-food – a rich source of proteins, vitamins and minerals. It’s commonly understood to...

How Great Teamwork Boosts the Bottom Line for Business

The tag on our logo is, “People, Passion, Profit.” We truly believe that each builds upon the other. Profit is the fundamental goal and need of a successful business. Profit starts – with people. Having the right mix in your workplace and on your team is crucial not only for morale but for the corporate bottom line. Team harmony is worth its weight in gold. Businesses with high-functioning teams reap rewards in terms of return on investment. On the flip side, conflict among employees, even as few as two, has a detrimental effect on almost everything related to the workplace....

Seven Steps to Leadership Success: It’s More than Motivation

Successful leaders (and coaches) are more than great motivators. They are mentors, teachers – and yes, managers. They cultivate behaviors in their people that drive passion and performance. In the many years of Third Level having the privilege of coaching so many successful men and women, we’ve learned some of the traits that separate the best from the rest. Lead by example. Your team notices when commitment and passion come from the top. If you want your team to go the extra mile, you need to demonstrate your willingness to do the same. Great leaders set the standard for work...

Harnessing the Influence of Power Listening for Business and Relational Success

  “Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply.” Stephen R. Covey It’s better to understand than to be understood…in business, in relationships, in life. We all have a secret power that allows us to be better leaders, managers, business people…better people in general! The power of listening with an open mind and a willing heart is at the center of all successful relationships, whether at home or at work. When we fail to listen powerfully, we are almost certain to miss opportunities to build meaningful bonds, relationships and successful business...

“I Need Help!”

“I Need Help!”  The three words that ensure your continued success. You’re a successful leader making your way to the top, if you’re not already there. You’ve proven yourself an expert in your field, a trained professional, a successful entrepreneur, or a highly effective manager/leader – perhaps all of the above. So how on earth can saying, “I need help!” keep you on the success track?  In many ways our culture celebrates self-reliance, the “I can do it on my own” mindset. Very few of us have been rewarded for confessing we don’t know how to do something. On the...


"I wish I hadn't said _____!" How many times have you said or done something in the heat of the moment which you later regret? Discover what pushes your hot buttons and what causes you to do or say things you shouldn't and why? Gain control;


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Third Level positively transforms the performance of executives and their teams around the world through proprietary, proven and powerful tools and techniques as the pathway for developing high performance leaders, teams, and outstanding business results.


Gary Press

Owner and CEO of Lifestyle Management Group. Fort Lauderdale, USA.

Steve has repeatedly shown an innate talent to quickly capture the attention and build trust with the people in my businesses - particularly those in leadership positions. Once this happens, truths become unlocked and problems become solved. He delivers in an entertaining and engaging fashion that produces creative team work and bottom line profits.


Nick Williams

Managing Director – Digital, Lloyds Banking Group, London, England

I’m a better leader, husband and father as a result of the work I do with Stephen. I’ve engaged the programme with multiple teams over 12 years, and we continue to generate exceptional business results. I see the programme as my gift for all those who I’ve worked with and led. Without exception, they feel much better about themselves and the world they live in - delivering measurable business improvement through engagement as inspiring leaders of high-performing teams.

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Applied Emotional Intelligence

Let's face it, business is all about relationships – with your customers, your team, and your vendors, relationships drive success.

Applied Emotional Intelligence has been described as “the capacity to effectively perceive, express, understand and manage emotions in a professional and effective manner in relationships at work.” While IQ, personality and behavioral tendencies are relatively static, Emotional Intelligence (EI or ‘EQ’) is a proven competency that can be developed and learned.



Personal Development

At the end of our day – be it a business day, a holiday, or a personal day, all relationships are personal.

Rare is the day that we have stress in the morning at home, and then go into work ready to perform at our best. And, how many of us have returned home after a tough day at the office and been Mr. or Ms. Wonderful with our families?



Outstanding Teams

Executive Coaching is the fastest growing development tool in the competitive arena of executive education.

Using our proprietary approach to Applied Emotional Intelligence. It is not for the faint hearted, it does deliver amazing results. ThirdLEVEL has improved the performance of executives and their teams around the world through proven and powerful listening and empowerment coaching techniques using applied Applied Emotional Intelligence.



Business Culture of Success

Businesses and organizations of all sizes must constantly adapt and change.

ThirdLEVEL has worked with companies as small as 6 people up to projects for major multinational organizations of thousands of people. When you seek a quantum leap in results, then Business Culture of Success from the inside out is the most profound and sustainable approach. Business Culture of Success starts with the recognition that something must change.




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