Ian is passionate about wanting to help in making a difference in the world, making it a better place for individuals, teams organisations and communities. He does that through helping all of those entities to create outstanding performance through the ongoing development of leadership skills and leadership thinking and behaviour .

Ian an engaging real world leader enjoys working with senior leaders and their teams who want transformational change, to grow, learn and develop as individuals and high performing teams, bringing purpose and meaning to teams and humanity to leadership, creating outstanding performance improvement which is sustainable.

Ian’s past experience as a senior leader in high technology and IT industries with a wealth of international and cross functional experience across a number of industry segments allows him in his role as a Leadership Development Consultant and Executive performance Coach to empathise with senior corporate leaders and have a strong understanding of the challenges they are experiencing. His experience includes Sales and Account Management, Marketing,  Product Management, Services, Large Programme Management, Leading Business Segments with full P&L responsibility, also including turn-arounds and mergers.  Ian is certified as a GInternational Corporate Coach, Newfield Ontological Coach, European Coach, Solutions Focused Coach, NLP Master Practitioner & Trainer, How To Fascinate Coach, and for Systems Thinking. He is qualified in Hogan Assessment and is a Newfield Progamme Coach, a Leadership Agility Coach, and   Leadership Development Framework Coach.  Ian has an MBA and is a certified Third Level Leadership Programme Facilitator.

Ian is a highly effective executive coach with a very positive but challenging approach and with a large depth of experience to bring to bear in real life business challenges. I can only recommend Ian in the highest possible terms for anyone seeking a practically oriented Executive coach. –Greg Tyrrell, VP Finance/ Finance Director EMEA ,Investor Relations EMEA at Plantronics

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Ian Sellick

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"I wish I hadn't said _____!" How many times have you said or done something in the heat of the moment which you later regret? Discover what pushes your hot buttons and what causes you to do or say things you shouldn't and why? Gain control;


This fun 3-minute personality assessment identifies your personality's top Advantages at work. This doesn’t measure how you see the world… it measures how the world sees you. Discover your unique personal impact.


Powerful solutions that help managers, entrepreneurs & individuals maximize their performance - in work and in life! Are you and your team applying Emotional Intelligence?


Third Level positively transforms the performance of executives and their teams around the world through proprietary, proven and powerful tools and techniques as the pathway for developing high performance leaders, teams, and outstanding business results.


Gary Press

Owner and CEO of Lifestyle Management Group. Fort Lauderdale, USA.

Steve has repeatedly shown an innate talent to quickly capture the attention and build trust with the people in my businesses - particularly those in leadership positions. Once this happens, truths become unlocked and problems become solved. He delivers in an entertaining and engaging fashion that produces creative team work and bottom line profits.


Nick Williams

Managing Director – Digital, Lloyds Banking Group, London, England

I’m a better leader, husband and father as a result of the work I do with Stephen. I’ve engaged the programme with multiple teams over 12 years, and we continue to generate exceptional business results. I see the programme as my gift for all those who I’ve worked with and led. Without exception, they feel much better about themselves and the world they live in - delivering measurable business improvement through engagement as inspiring leaders of high-performing teams.

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Learn your personal, unique strengths and differentiators that set you apart from your competition. Cut through the noise…get clarity and improve your relationships & teams.

  • Maximize your team’s talents
  • Allow your team to collaborate with enjoyment & superior results
  • Understand your engaging personality strengths
  • Learn your unique personality advantages to increase your bottom line
  • Enjoy increased synergy in your office: enhanced cooperation and creativity
  • Have a consultant on-hand to unravel complications and maximize opportunities

Applied Emotional Intelligence

Let's face it, business is all about relationships – with your customers, your team, and your vendors, relationships drive success.

Applied Emotional Intelligence has been described as “the capacity to effectively perceive, express, understand and manage emotions in a professional and effective manner in relationships at work.” While IQ, personality and behavioral tendencies are relatively static, Emotional Intelligence (EI or ‘EQ’) is a proven competency that can be developed and learned.



Personal Development

At the end of our day – be it a business day, a holiday, or a personal day, all relationships are personal.

Rare is the day that we have stress in the morning at home, and then go into work ready to perform at our best. And, how many of us have returned home after a tough day at the office and been Mr. or Ms. Wonderful with our families?



Outstanding Teams

Executive Coaching is the fastest growing development tool in the competitive arena of executive education.

Using our proprietary approach to Applied Emotional Intelligence. It is not for the faint hearted, it does deliver amazing results. ThirdLEVEL has improved the performance of executives and their teams around the world through proven and powerful listening and empowerment coaching techniques using applied Applied Emotional Intelligence.



Business Culture of Success

Businesses and organizations of all sizes must constantly adapt and change.

ThirdLEVEL has worked with companies as small as 6 people up to projects for major multinational organizations of thousands of people. When you seek a quantum leap in results, then Business Culture of Success from the inside out is the most profound and sustainable approach. Business Culture of Success starts with the recognition that something must change.




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