Immediate Impact and Influence


This workshop will provide immediate impact and influence individually – and for  your team. 

Discover how the world sees you by taking our quick (3 minute) Assessment that will astound you with accuracy, speed and impact. 

Learn what your brand of personality says to others about you. 

Easily understand how your own personality adds value to how you communicate and grasp how to use your strengths to communicate better with others – colleagues,

prospects, or family members.

$45 per person, plus $995 per each 15 people

Contact us to learn more about how we can impact and transform your path and your company.




Package One – Your Fascinating Team – Immediate Impact and Influence

Time: 2 hours

Cost:  $45 per person, plus $995 per each 15 people

+ Complimentary intake session with team leader to identify best package and content
+ Fascination Assessment
+ Fascination Assessment Understanding and use for business success

+ Active Team Building Exercise